Making Choices

10 May 2005

I suppose not every AP Bio student yesterday had a happy day. Take this one, for example. A high school senior in New Hampshire will not graduate because she took AP Biology instead of a gym class.

The student had been attending school in Seattle and moved last year. As the article notes, waivers for PE credits are given in this part of the country to students like this one who are engaged in varsity athletics and are taking a heavy academic load. Mind you, a lot of that is at the discretion of the principal or counselor. Very few waivers are granted. Her waiver didn't transfer to her new school.

There is a somewhat happy ending for the story. The student has already been accepted to college (where she plans to major in biology). So, as long as she gets her GED between now and the fall, she can continue on with her future plans. I do think it's a shame that she can't walk at graduation and get her diploma.

She did have a choice. Although she was poorly advised last spring when signing up for classes for her senior year, she did have an opportunity to make the change and take the PE class. But it would have meant dropping AP Bio or Calculus and she was more interested in her academics. I can't decide if she "cut her nose to spite her face" or if I should applaud her for knowing what she wants. I suppose all I can really do is wish her the best for the future...and a "5" on The Test.

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Blogger oliviacw said...

Oi. I don't know what I would have done in that situation - I was fortunate in that my high school was willing to let me substitute playing a sport for PE, when it became clear that my advanced math schedule wouldn't let me take all the required PE classes. (And doubly fortunate that it was a small enough school that I could be a miserable volleyball player and still stay on the team.)

6:56 PM  
Blogger The Science Goddess said...

LOL I got to choose to take 4 years of marching band instead of having to take PE.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Fred said...

Wow - a horror story that actually worked out. We had one similar situation this year; the student had to forfeit his lunch hour to get the credits needed. Another happy ending...

4:42 PM  

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