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27 July 2005

It's Carnival Day! This week, Jenny D. has taken on the task of hosting the midway. Do visit if you can. My three faves this week are
  • Get Out Your Blenders and Drink Up from Eduwonk. It's a wonderful use for the all of the eduspeak out there. I'd love to play, but I'm too busy working them into my presentations next month. :) On the other hand, maybe things would be nicer to do after a few drinks.
  • Over at Extreme Wisdom, it's claimed that Being an Educator Is Not a Special Calling. I agree, but not for the same reasons as the author of this post. It's good food for thought, however, written by someone outside the field of education.
  • Unprofessional Development is on the mind of a Teach for America teacher. He's upset about the way inservice is conducted. I've been frustrated by some similar issues, but after taking my position at the district level, I now see why things are what they are. This does not excuse inservice done poorly.

I'll be back a little later on to get out my blender and talk about professional development I am planning for next month.



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