Testing Isn't Always Dull

22 February 2006

A passle of primary students were recently at central office for some voluntary testing as an entry point into the district gifted program. It wasn't boring this year. For example, two boys managed to get into a fistfight during one session and had to be physically dragged out of the room. But here are my two favourite stories...

In the middle of one of the sessions, a young girl pulled up her dress, whipped out a syringe, and stuck it in her stomach. If you're a diabetic and used to monitoring your blood sugar and giving yourself injections, this is not a big deal. If, however, you are a child sitting in a room and seeing someone do this for the first time, it's a bit traumatizing. Especially the hiking-up-the-dress part. You can just imagine the room full of faces for that one.

At the end of that same session, a mother arrived out in the hallway. She looked ashen and weak...one of her arms held a baby. The other arm was pressed against her chest. "Please, I need my daughter immediately," she told the testing administrator. The admin looked at this woman and agreed to get the girl, but was very concerned about this woman. "Are you all right?" It turned out the woman was on the way to the hospital. The admin was worried about how grave the woman looked and asked if they should call an ambulance. The mother reassured her that she just needed her daughter. "My implant broke and the hospital is readying an operating room for me." Ah, now we know why she was clutching her chest. The daughter was retrieved, asked to go to the bathroom, but was instead hurried out the door.

Nope. Never a dull moment.



Anonymous Rob said...

That would be "passel", I think; not that I knew any better how to spell it than you did. It wasn't in the dictionary on my local machine, but dictionary.com had it listed as "informal".

Apparently, it is a corruption of "parcel", which I didn't know either.

Gotta love them words...

2:11 PM  
Blogger The Science Goddess said...

Perhaps I should have used "plethora." :)

7:17 PM  

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