16 May 2006

One of the things I miss about teaching junior high is that the school year would gently roll to a close. High school---and now Curriculum---are not like that at all. It's a scramble to the finish line. Between elementary science, secondary science, as summer seminar commitments, my plate feels a little full these days.

I did spend a couple of hours this morning with our current mentor program coordinator. I have a much broader sense of what those duties will entail---and how that will be one more ball to keep in the air next year. Here is what is already going to be juggled:
  • New science kit center to set up and maintain for grades k - 6
  • Provide two 8-week rotations of science kits to grades k - 5, including some new materials
  • Implement curriculum mapping for grades 6 - 9
  • Develop "cadre" model of staff development in math and science (3 meetings per year; 1 rep per grade level per school)
  • Full year science for grades 7 - 9 at all schools for all students
  • New curriculum materials for grades 6 - 9
  • New facilities for science at two junior highs
  • Professional development offerings for k - 6 teachers
  • Science notebook development and integration for grades k - 6
  • Trimester grade level meetings for grade 7 - 9 alignment work
  • Development of common assessments for grades 7 - 9
  • Program revision for alternative schools
  • Investigate remediation opportunities for high school students who don't meet the standards in science

The mentor responsibilities will include

  • Weekly 30-minute observations of new teachers during the first quarter of the year
  • Weekly e-mail communication to new teachers and their mentors
  • Monthly meetings with all new teachers
  • Summer training for the induction program

And more goodies. I won't be bored next year.

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Blogger Hg said...

The mentoring aspect of your role seems interesting. At my school it's a little too disorganised for me to get much out of.

After student teaching rounds, I never thought I'd miss observations of my teaching but I am finding I really miss the feedback and opportunity for improvement. I'm sure it would still make me very apprehensive though.

12:41 AM  
Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Holy Moly! How do you get anything DONE?

I've descended to a new level of hell by agreeing to FOUR preps-- onw of which has to be created from scratch and no textbook-- and I'm going to lead a professional development strand.

I've heard that the word is pronounced "NO," but it's apparently not in my actual vocabulary. We should try it sometime.

4:18 PM  
Blogger The Science Goddess said...

Maybe there is some sort of 12-step program for us?

8:14 PM  

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